Simple & Affordable Internet Marketing

Most law firm and small business online marketing consists of websites that are little more than passive, online brochures that merely satisfy the obligation of having one. The vast majority of us do not have the time, personnel, or resources to create or maintain even a modestly proactive online marketing campaign beyond a static web site.

We help law firms and small businesses achieve exponentially greater marketing reach by creating and maintaining online marketing platforms designed to efficiently disseminate content across multiple media channels, including: (a) optimized general websites, (b) niche or topical websites, (c) Facebook accounts, (c) Twitter accounts, (d) YouTube channel and/or affiliate video channel sites, (e) newsletters and news sites, and (f) a host of other available media, channels, and marketing methods.

Best of all, we help keep your online marketing activities simple, affordable, and within your budget.  Make us your outsourced online marketing department by providing us with your initial month’s funding determined solely by you and your monthly internet marketing budget thereafter. We will develop your online marketing game plan and proceed toward its creation, implementation, maintenance, and expansion at a low-cost hourly rate within that budget.  You may pause or discontinue services for any subsequent months at any time.

Expand Your Marketing Savvy
Receive Updates & BonusesWe will periodically send you marketing tips & announcements of new marketing opportunities & strategies to effectively promote your law firm or small business, as well as amazing promotions & discounts.

Orthos Logos, LLC is owned and operated by a licensed small business attorney, with extensive firsthand knowledge of the needs of objectives of law firms and small businesses.

* It is our objective to always remain affordable, though, like any business, we reserve the right to change pricing without further notice to prospective clients. All pricing and services are subject to our prior approval and the terms and conditions of our Services Agreement.